Scarves for trees

People (myself included) are hanging scarves and other decorations on the trees to show support and to draw attention to this issue.

This is a great way to raise visibility in a non-confrontational and beautiful way. The white silk scarves on the tree at 85 Beacon are a match for its blossoms and a powerful contrast to the mud and dirt of the construction.

If you choose to do this, please make sure to use non-toxic materials that you do not mind losing.

I received wonderful news yesterday:

The Ward 2 Democrats of Somerville have decided to formally support our request that the Mayor issue a change order to the Beacon Street project and retain at least one of the existing trees. I have been CC’d on dozens of emails to the Mayor and to the Board of Aldermen – and have spoken with many people who are unanimous in their support for the idea.

Despite all this, the city has not issued any sort of formal statement, has not stopped work, and so far as I know – has not commissioned any changes to the project plans. After the mistakes made throughout the project and the violent and disruptive clear-cut of last fall, saving even one tree would be an important gesture that community input matters.

The decision to clear cut Beacon Street rests with Mayor Joe Curtatone. He still has the opportunity to change course.

This is the time to begin to restore trust between the city and our neighborhood. I truly hope that our Mayor makes the right decision.

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