The community response to the proposed removal of the last few trees on Beacon Street has been gratifying and humbling. Thank you, everybody.

  • More than 1,400 unique devices have visited this website.
  • Dozens of people have CC’d me on their emails to the city.
  • Even more people have told me that they are making phone calls, including one 97 year old neighbor who I met at my Alderperson’s office hours!
  • The Ward 2 Democrats and the Union Square Neighborhood Council have sent messages.
  • At least one of our state representatives has written a very direct and personal note to the Mayor.

For all that, there has been no statement from the city even acknowledging us.

The 20+ of us who attended last week’s tree hearing have received no follow-up whatsoever from our Arborist, our Tree Warden, or the Director of Transportation and Infrastructure. It seems that, having fulfilled their legal obligation to provide notification, these people have turned their attention to other things.

In this stony silence, construction rolls on. Just yesterday, I watched a steamroller compacting the street soil adjacent to the largest and healthiest of the remaining trees.

Please continue to tell your friends and neighbors to call and email.

Unless Mayor Joe Curtatone acts, and soon, he will be responsible for the destruction of every single tree on Beacon Street.

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