Caring for our saplings

There has been a lot of confusion about what, if anything, residents can do to help give our saplings the best chance of survival.

First off: never lock bikes to the trees. The chains, locks, pedals, and other metal parts bruise and tear the tree’s bark. We started with homemade signs to get this message out:

This last friday, the city has produced yellow signs with more details:

Specifically, please feel free to fill the “gator” bags with clean water. There’s a trick to it, as shown on the picture below. Water poured in by the zipper just goes right through to the ground where it will tend to run off and evaporate. Instead, find the hole on the back of the bag, which may be hidden by the white tag.

We’re all learning as we go here, and the city is playing a bit of catch up in terms of getting information out. There’s not a lot of information at The city’s urban forestry page, but we expect that to evolve in the coming months and years.

UPDATE: The website for the city’s urban forestry division now has a nice section titled, “how you can help.”

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