The Urban Forestry Committee

As I say in the letter below, Somerville is supposed to have an Urban Forestry Committee. Our Aldermen formally re-instated it in October of last year. As stated in our municipal code of ordinances, it will include seven residents, the tree warden, and the arborist.

This would be an amazingly powerful place for residents to come together with the city staff to share information and have the kind of face-to-face conversations that lead to the very most productive outcomes.

If you have the interest, you might forward the text below (or something of your own creation) to and

To the Honorable Mayor and Aldermen of Somerville,

In October of 2017, the Board of Aldermen formally re-established Somerville's Urban Forestry Committee. So far as I am aware, there has been no progress in bringing that committee to its first meeting in the eight months between October and today.

Mr Mayor, I am writing to ask that you fill the seats on the Urban Forestry committee without further delay.

Like other city committees, Urban Forestry will provide a critical point of communication between city staff and the residents. Its charter is to provide information, outreach, and advice both to residents and to city staff. This will help us all to work effectively together to achieve Somerville's potential.

Given the level of development and construction planned for 2018 and beyond, this coordination is absolutely critical.

I urge the mayor to advertise and to fill these committees seats without delay.

Chris Dwan
Resident, Ward 2

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